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This web site is dedicated to guiding you to your own Online Breakthrough.

How would you like to cut through the hype so you can avoid the Internet Marketing Feeding Frenzy that has otherwise sane and sober businesspeople throwing thousands of dollars at scam artists touting “the next big secret”?

Yes, there are Online Marketing Secrets.

But they include the fundamentals, not just the fads and tricks.

And unless you understand the core principles behind online marketing – why people search, why they don’t buy, what your website is really for – the fads and tricks will be lifeless in your hands.

As James Bennis said, “Don’t just learn the tricks of the trade. Learn the trade.”

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The Shameless Bribe: A Free Copy of the AdWords ER Report

In the AdWords ER Report, you’ll discover:

  • The 3 Big AdWords Mistakes that cause 99% of the problems (page 2)
  • The 5 Crucial Questions you must answer about your prospect before you write an ad (pages 4-6)
  • The AdWords Operation you must perform first (think of it as triage) to stop the bleeding (page 4)
  • The hidden AdWords setting you must change immediately to stop showing the wrong ads to the wrong people (page 9)
  • The AdWords Operation that makes you money by keeping people AWAY from your website (page 10)

What’s the Catch?

Why am I giving away all this great stuff? For three reasons.

First, I’m a natural show-off (just ask my sister). As a Leo, I like being the center of attention. I like teaching, and I love the feedback I get from readers who gratefully tell me their Online Breakthrough stories.

Second, I model what I teach. Generosity works. Being real works. You’ll see that I walk the talk, which should give you confidence that my methods are battle-tested (you think Online Marketing is a competitive space on the Internet?)

Third, I’ve never had much luck selling to people who didn’t know, like and trust me.

(Have you?)

I offer training programs, solo and group coaching, consulting services (occasionally), products, and live workshops.

Each level takes the information and implementation up a notch. When and if you’re ready for a hands-on guide, I want you to think of me.

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This is the first minute of the rest of your day! Make the most of it!

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Howie Jacobson, PhD

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