AdWords Lessons from the Raspberry Patch

Today I helped weed the raspberry patch, and I noticed several things:

First, the raspberry patch is the section of the community garden most in need of weeding. Probably because it’s the most unpleasant section of the garden to be in: the raspberry stalks  have prickers on them that irritate and scratch the skin. Compared to the lettuce beds, raspberries are the front lines of gardening.

Second, the big problem weeds (lamb’s quarter and morning glory, mostly) get to be a problem only when the patch has been neglected. Both are very easy to pull out when they’re young.

Third, once the morning glory vine has wound itself around a raspberry stalk, it’s almost impossible to disentangle from the stalk. Much easier to follow it all the way down to the root and gently yank it out of the ground, then untwine and remove its tendrils.

Fourth, once the rasperry patch is weed-free and the raspberries are visible, everyone wants to come by and help themselves to the sweet berries.

Fifth, lettuce sells in the supermarket for 70 cents a pound, while a few ounces of raspberries can run you four or five dollars.

Metaphor Time

AdWords, of course, is like a garden. Each ad group is its own bed, with different time and energy and agony requirements and different inputs. The easy beds are the ones where lots of competitors come and do the easy work. You need to do it, but doing it isn’t going to give you any sort of competitive advantage.

Where are your raspberry patch ad groups? What tasks in those ad groups are the nasty weeding work that others can’t or won’t do? Peel and stick? Split testing landing pages and order forms? Reading keyword and ad placement reports every week?

What tasks are easy when you keep on top of them, but get massive and difficult when neglected?

In all things, the sweet rewards come to those willing and able to endure what others cannot and will not. Happy picking!


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