Punch Through, Not To

Yesterday watching my son E’s karate class, the sensei (Japanese for "guy who can beat the crap out of me without even trying") was teaching the Yellow Belt class how to punch with energy. "Don’t punch at the target," he explained. "Punch through the target." And then he demonstrated the difference, which was (forgive the pun) striking.

Assistant Sensei Robinson (who I also must remember to stay on the nice side of) used the analogy of parking a truck in front of a building versus driving into the building.

While the destructive image may not float my boat, it sure made an impression on the kids’ punches for the rest of the class. They struck and blocked with more focus, energy, and commitment.

Seth Godin’s version of the USP

In his recent book, The Dip, Seth Godin redefined the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in a powerful way: Be the best in the world.

In online marketing, this is what Perry Marshall calls "taking your customer off the market."

In dating, this is called marriage.

If you’re taking the trouble to get an AdWords account, choose some keywords, write some ads, set up some landing pages, and create some sales funnel, why do it if you can’t defend it from poachers?

Being the best in the world (in the world you define as your niche, not the entire intergalactic thing) is the only reliable shield against competition.

Find out what your market wants and how they want it. Creatively serve them like they’ve never been served before. (The bar here is so low it’s laughable – a follow-up phone call of thanks, an extra bonus, an email that shares rather than pitches.)

AdWords, and online marketing in general, is getting more and more competitive each day. Timothy Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Work Week is #15 on Amazon right now, and it teaches people how to live like a billionaire with an AdWords-based business. Ya’ think certain markets are about to be overrun by newbies?

And then some joker has to go and write AdWords For Dummies, which in my opinion is a totally irresponsible sharing with the masses of very powerful strategies – oh, wait, that’s me. Never mind.

So if you’re going to enter a market, don’t settle for ordinary. It doesn’t last. Punch through, not to. Ki-ya!!

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