How to Get a New CPC Instantly

Minimum Cost Per Click (CPC) is one of the crucial AdWords metrics. How much you are required to pay for a single click on a keyword can determine if you can afford to advertise on that keyword. If you can get your average CPC lower than your competitors, you have a small advantage that you can easily turn into a market-dominating one.

Four ways to lower your average CPC:

  1. Find "off the beaten track" keywords with less competition
  2. Use quotes and brackets to include phrase and exact match keywords (see Chapter 5 of AdWords For Dummies for details)
  3. Bid lower to accept an inferior position and/or fewer impressions
  4. Improve the Quality Score (QS) of your keywords

The fourth option – lowering the QS – will change the CPC of an individual keyword and often improves its position. And the QS typically has the greatest impact on CPC – a Great keyword may require only a nickel, whereas the same keyword with a Poor score may demand five bucks to ante up.

But Google doesn’t recalibrate the new QS instantly. So you improve your ad and your landing page, and yet your keywords muddle along with exactly the same CPC as before for up to a couple of days. That’s painfully slow feedback.

The Presto Change-o Solution

Delete and re-enter the keyword, and Google will instantly recalculate the minimum CPC.

If you keep track of the date when you delete and re-enter the keyword, you can compare the performance of the "new" keyword and the "old" one (I know, they’re exactly the same, but don’t tell Google) to see what difference an improved quality score can make.

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