Don’t Stop with AdWords

Google AdWords is the best place on the web to begin your advertising adventure. It’s quick and easy to setup, allows for instant split testing, and provides incredibly powerful and detailed feedback to help you optimize the three M’s of marketing: your Market, your Message, and the Media conduit between the two.

But don’t stop there. According to the Associated Press, the popular social networking site Digg has just replaced AdWords with Microsoft’s AdCenter as their advertising vendor. Facebook has also opted for Microsoft, which means you should seriously consider getting an AdCenter account to increase your reach if you currently are having success with Google’s content network.

Also check out up-and-coming – check out Dave Taylor’s excellent Attachment Parenting Blog for examples of Miva and AdWords ads on the same site. And there’s the old standby, Yahoo Search, that may one day get its act together and become user friendly.

As wonderful as AdWords is, if it’s your only source of traffic, you’re sitting on a one-legged stool. And one-legged stools have a tendency to topple, and you don’t want to think about where that one leg goes if you’re still sitting on it…

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