Google is Pushing the Editor

Google announced last week that it’s phasing out two very useful AdWords tools: the Copy or Move Keywords and Ad Text tool and the Advanced Search and Editing tool.

But fear not: these same features will now be available with the downloadable, desktop AdWords Editor.

Why is Google doing this? My guess is to put a stranglehold on the Google interface, cutting out 3rd party software tools that could use the AdWords API (basically, a back door data stream) to give customers more control over their accounts.

The AdWords Editor is the only software application that gets to use the API for free. So if this trend continues, more and more campaign management features will be grafted onto the Editor, rather than the main web interface. My advice: download the Editor now and get used to it:

Luckily, the Editor is a pretty sweet tool. Perhaps the nicest feature is that you can work on your AdWords account(s) offline, and can play with creating ad groups and moving keywords before you actually upload the changes to your account.

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  1. #1 • Roslyn said on May 29 2008:

    Hi Howie,
    A question about using the Keyword Grouper in AdWords Editor.

    A lot of keywords overlap, should I duplicate keywords in AdGroups as proposed?

    Also, should each group have it’s own Landing Page. If the page on the site is too general, should I create a special page but not have Google crawl it.

    Is there a dynamic code I can insert which will change the heading of the page to change according to the searchers keyword phrase?


    Regards Ros

  2. #2 • Howie Jacobson said on June 19 2008:

    Hi Ros,

    I find the keyword grouper not intelligent enough for my purposes. It can read words, but not understand meaning. I don’t let software create ad groups for me. I use software only to automate tasks, not to replace thinking. For keyword grouping, I prefer the tool I developed, The AdTool at I set the parameters, I create the groups, and I can play with them in Excel before uploading to my account.

    Yes, each group should have its own landing page.

    Yes, you can insert content dynamically, based on the search term. See the chapter in AdWords For Dummies on the landing page (I think chapter 12, but I don’t have a copy handy) for things you can do with PHP.

    Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity,