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A little personal productivity experiment here. I have a free account with, which allows me to speak into my cell phone and have my words transcribed into text messages and sent to me, other folks’ email addresses, or my blog in this case. Wanna see/hear it?

Upside: The transcription is actually phenomenal, except that it thinks my first name is Hally.

Downsides: The post title is "Jott Blog Post," which is not exactly search engine bait. Also it doesn’t allow me to specify categories for this post. But neither problem takes more than 30 seconds to fix once you get online and into your blog admin area. Also, there’s a big jott ad following the transcription, but it’s easily removed. I’ve left it up as a courtesy – they’re giving me a great service for free, so it’s right that I allow them to grow virally by including their signup info.

Without further ado, here’s my first jottblog:

Hey, this is Hally Jacobson and I am testing out the new WordPress feature on Jott at What it does is I am calling from my cell phone speaking up top of my head and we are going to see whether if I speak clearly enough, this actually turns into a blog post that someone else could read and I won’t be embarrassed by, so we will go check it out and see how it works, cheers, bye, bye. Click here to listen

Powered by – Try it at 1 (866) JOTT123 –

If you like to communicate – talk, chat, converse, jabber, gab – with customers, prospects, vendors but the thought of writing something every day is more than you can commit to, this new technology may be the thing that changes your online life.

Check out my friend John Paul Mendocha’s When Monkeys Fly SpeedSellng Blog – he just recorded his thoughts/rants/sermons/diatribes and got them transcribed. See how entertaining they are, and how much "Personality Bandwidth" you get from John in this format. Love him or loathe him (and believe me, his goal is that you quickly choose one or the other), you know who you’re dealing with.

One of the most valuable things John taught me – a very reluctant seller – is the importance of disqualifying, rather than qualifying prospects. Does your web presence quickly tell most people, "I’m not for you"? If not, you’re probably spending a lot of time dealing with "No Deals" and Tire Kickers.

If you’re not easily offended, visit John Paul’s site. He’ll challenge your beliefs. He’ll convince you to join his "Free Paris Hilton" hunger strike. Wear your seatbelt, and watch out for the flying monkeys.


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