Announcing the Official AdWords For Dummies AdWords Checklist

I didn’t feel like doing any real work today, so I created an AdWords For Dummies checklist. it consists of 36 Things You Should Be Doing But Probably Aren’t (we in the consulting profession like to refer to them as "best practices" and we often charge a lot of money to rub your nose in them).

But as I said, I’m a little too tired to do any nose-rubbing today, so you get to have them for free.

The goal of this checklist, as with most free checklists, is to make you feel really stupid and helpless, so you’ll call me to fix everything for you. Well, forget it. I’m tired, remember?

And do you know why I’m tired? Because I spent 8 months writing the damn Dummies book, that’s why.

So if you get inspired, motivated, or otherwise turned on by the checklist, do yourself a favor and buy AdWords For Dummies. It’s not tired. It’s perky, in fact. Ready to party. It’s wearing a green velvet smoking jacket, a jaunty blue fedora, and a faux-ivory tipped faux-ebony cane.

Here’s the AdWords For Dummies Official Checklist, handsomely converted to PDF for your checking-off pleasure.

Update: The Checklist, all updated and shiny for late 2008, is now included as a bonus with the Look Over My Shoulder (LOMS) AdWords Success Videos.


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