Cool Book of the Day! Gee, Shucks…

I’ve never really been cool, not until yesterday. Elementary school and Junior High were a nightmare cool-wise. I used to wear shirts with the top button closed, blue jeans with zippered rear pockets, and I chewed pencils.

I guess my entire adult life has been one long search for the shallow approval of strangers.

And now, thanks to AdWords For Dummies, it’s happened!

When you click the above button, you’ll see that AdWords For Dummies has been honored as the Cool Book of the Day by Dan Janal, of PR Leads. If you know Dan, you will understand what an honor this is for me. Dan wrote the second or third book ever on Internet Marketing. This is like when the rookie makes it to the majors and his childhood hero compliments his swing.

So what does this mean? Two things:

1. You should definitely buy the book, if you haven’t yet.

2. I’m going to go out and buy some designer clothes. Here’s a webcam rendition of the new me, with a cool, jaunty expression and a new hat.

Thanks, Dan!

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  1. #3 • Clint said on November 20 2007:

    I wonder if this guy went out and found “hats for dummies” after he seen this picture? =0


    I’m sure Charlie Chaplin was cool at one point too! =)