Cell Phone Ads Made Easy

Not to brag, but I just created my first mobile web page. If you’ve ever tried to access the web from a cell phone (other than an iPhone, I suppose), you know how annoyingly slow it can be, and how difficult to navigate.

You can create pages on your own site that are optimized for cell phones rather than computers, but I sure don’t have the technical skill to do that myself. I could learn (and I expect a flurry of emails from programmers telling me how easy it is), but now, thanks to Google, I don’t have to.

Google has rolled out a mobile business pages wizard that allowed me to create a listing for cell phone searches in about 30 seconds (it would have been quicker if I had memorized my address and phone number). I can share my headine, phone number, address, 1000-character description, payment methods accepted, and business hours. And Google hosts my page on their own googlepages.com/m domain, which presumably gives it extra SEO mojo, for whatever that’s worth.

I’ve been thinking recently about the key distinctions between my AdWords students who’ve had great success, and those who have continually struggled. Here’s a big one, relevant to this discussion: the ones who have prospered have found a way to make one-click changes to their sales processes.

In contrast, the strugglers have to go through dozens of steps to make a change. Whenever I hear someone complaining about the unresponsiveness of expense of their webmaster, I just know we’ve got a problem. But when someone says, "OK, I’ll get that taken care of by tomorrow – it’ll just take an email," I smile and expect great results.

Now that Google has rendered the creation of a mobile web page UFO ("User Freaking Obvious"), if your business lends itself to being found by hungry cell phone searchers, you have no excuse not to go try one.

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