Strange Search Result – An Apple in the Orange Grove

I couldn’t resist sharing this one, literally a case of apples and oranges. Or, more precisely, an apple case among the oranges. Can you spot the one ad that doesn’t belong here?

Did you see it? If not, here’s the solution: Ultimate iPhone Cases, fourth ad down on the right. (Some day I’ll learn how to annotate my screen shots…)

Here’s how I generated this search result:

I’m working on updating the online DVD that I give away for trying my Ring of Fire AdWords Success Club. I was working on a short video expaining how to look at the search results page before writing your ad. First I searched for "iphone cases," but I couldn’t get inspired to talk about the differences between the ads. So I next typed "florida oranges," expecting that high end fruit delivery would provide more grist for my commentary.

Did it ever! I’ve never seen that kind of artifact before, a search result lingering into another search. Unless… is actually advertising under the broad phrase "florida oranges." Too coincidental, I think.

If anyone has an explanation for this result other than Google hiccup, please post it to comments. I’m intrigued…

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  1. #2 • Al said on January 7 2008:

    I’ve been seeing this for a few weeks already – the first week I noticed it, the linger effect was VERY persistent, but it’s cooled off somewhat now. I think Google was/is testing the effectiveness of placing ads from previous search terms.