What if I’m Ahead of My Time?

A reader asks:

"The products and services I am passionate about are on the cultural fringe, as they are only known by a few…. So there is not a large MARKET for what I am into YET…. I want to be rich AND I want to honor my cutting-edge passions. Any suggestions?"

Here are my quick thoughts:

You can’t use search marketing for concepts that people aren’t yet searching for. So you have two options:

1. Use search marketing to sell the benefits, things that everybody wants already. You’re not selling anything new, really, just a new way of achieving them. It’s not much different than me selling AdWords education. Every business owner wants to make more money, but few of them have even heard of AdWords.

2. Use interruption marketing to educate them about your stuff. Within AdWords, this means using the content network to provoke curiosity. The  movie "The Secret" used this to great effect when nobody had heard about it yet.

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