Should I Use Unique Keywords for My Product?

A reader asks:

I’m trying to promote a PRODUCT TYPE called NAME. What would be the best way to come up with good keywords for this product that might be unique?

Note: I have removed the specifics of the product to protect this reader’s market, in case it needs protecting.

My response:

You don’t want unique keywords. You want the right keywords.

What are the people who need your product currently searching for? Use those keywords.

A metaphor: if you were opening a PRODUCT TYPE store, you wouldn’t search for a unique location. You’d search for a location where your prospects are already shopping, and make your offer to them as they pass  by.

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  1. #1 • Patricia Cunningham said on February 18 2008:

    I’m interested in marketing natural soap products. The question “What makes your product unique” is daunting to me.

    My recipes are similar to other soapmakers – how does one make a product “unique”, when it’s really not, except that I think it’s the best?

  2. #2 • Howie Jacobson said on February 18 2008:

    Hi Patricia,

    What makes your soap the best? Whatever it is, it obviously is different from all the soaps that are, by definition, not the best.

    Suppose you use the same ingredients as everyone else – coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, lye, essential oil of whatever, etc. – but you are more skilled at combining essences, so your blends are superior.

    Or, you are more artistic and cut curls of one soap into another.

    Or, you package them differently.

    Or, you have a Soap of the Month Club so people can always be assured of having a fresh supply.

    Or, you tell your story in a way that makes other people fascinated. For example, see

    Hope this helps. Feel free to send me a bar of soap to test, as I’m something of an expert on getting dirty and then clean again ;)

    Just remember that MY wife makes the world’s best soap :)