Can Google handle dynamic landing pages?

A reader wonders:

I am a programmer and I wanted to use javascript to dynamically create custom landing pages.  Do you know if Google will treat my landing pages exactly like a user (by running my javascript) or will they all look the same?  Unlike PHP, the javascript will get executed in the user’s browser and will display my keywords and other info on the page for the user to see.   I guess it’s possible that it doesn’t matter if all Google does is track user behavior rather than landing page relevancy…

Here’s my answer:

"Sorry, I don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about."

Fortunately, I was able to forward the question to my good friend David Bullock, a brilliant marketer who is also a formidable process engineer and tech-head.

Here’s his reply:

There is no good answer for this one. Google is trying to read everything, but it can’t see Java script right now. But the question is does it “see” and index the content that is generated.

Here’s a discussion on the issue of Java and Google, along with a test. 


Here’s a tool to let you “see” what the spiders see.

Thanks, David!


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