Analytics and AdWords Not Talking to Each Other?

A reader asks:

In the last month I read the book, set up my Adwords account, made a keywords list, populated adgroups, and posted. Now I’m getting traffic. Next step is Analytics. I set up Analytics three days ago, and it is tracking organic traffic, but shows no activity from Adwords. I know I’m getting Adwords traffic – Google is billing me for clicks! I assume I missed something in the setup. What to do?

My answer:

There are several reasons that Analytics could be turning up its nose at AdWords data. There’s a setting in the AdWords My Account > Account Preferences tab for "Autotagging" – that’s got to be set to Yes.

If that’s not the problem, you may have issues with complicated redirects and tracking URLs that strip out the AdWords info, so that by the time Analytics gets a hold of the data, it’s dazed and confused.

Analytics, frankly, is not as easy as Google would like us to believe. That’s why I often bug Timothy Seward of when I’m tired of hitting my head against the Analytics wall.



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