AdWords to a Local Store – Bridging the Gap

An AdWords For Dummies reader wonders:

We own a [TYPE OF] store that specializes in [PRODUCT LINE]. I have been chosen to run our adwords campaign and I am wondering what rules change if your only goal is to bring people through the door?  How does the game change? 

My reply:

If you want people to visit your store, you need to get them into your database and follow up to build the know-like-trust bridge. Sure, some people will read your landing page and get in their cars and drive right over. But most will need additional touch-points and reminders. So your landing page has to offer a compelling reason for visitors to give you their contact info. Maybe all you need is a 10% off coupon on their first purchase, which you’ll email to them.

Or a report on how to prevent and deal with the problems that your products solve. Or any type of information that answers compelling questions that your target market has.

My home study course, Leads into Gold, which you can read about on a web site that features a very chubby photo of me from 2004, deals with this issue in great detail – how to craft offers that will get leads, position you as an expert helper rather than a self-interested peddler, and predispose and presell your prospects so when they contact you they’re almost ready to buy.


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