Account Quality Score: When to Start Over

A reader wonders:

Hi Howie,

I read your book and I found it very helpful. However I have a question regarding Account History and Quality Scores. I understand that account history affects quality scores. Being new to Google Adwords, I inevitably made some mistakes that affected my ad performance.

I bought your book due to my difficulties with Adwords, however, the mistakes that I have already made have obviously affected my account history.

I have about three weeks worth of running ads and semi poor performance. I understand that it is sometimes reccommended that someone scraps their old account and starts fresh.

My question is, what is the length of poor account history that would typically warrant someone to start a new account? Is two or three weeks too short? Too long?

Thank you very much for your help and writing such an insightful book!

My response:

Thanks for your kind words – that’s exactly the sort of thing I love reading in an amazon review (hint hint :) What was your question again?

Oh, yeah, the quality of the entire account.

The short answer is, I don’t know how Google calculates quality score for the entire account. They’re not telling. But if I were them, I wouldn’t penalize new advertisers for their beginner mistakes.

Google has the market capitalization of a small solar system, and almost all that revenue comes from AdWords. They want their new advertisers to succeed, and to be happy and feel good.

So I wouldn’t advise you to scrap your existing account just because of quality issues. If it’s a complete mess, and you’d rather set fire to it than clean it up, by all means use the $25 gift card at the back of the book and start afresh. But it’s probably not necessary from a quality perspective.

Sudden Thought:

It depends what sorts of mistakes you’ve been making. Hopefully they’re not the "Oops, I’ve been advertising online porn sites that harvest credit card numbers and sell them to identity thieves" variety. If Google thinks you’re being a bad boy on purpose, they’re much less forgiving than if they just see you as clueless.

Hope this helps!

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