AdWords Für Dummies! AARP!

Two noteworthy pieces of mail today, both of which rocked my self-image:

1. My AARP card (for gosh sake, I’m not even 44 yet – where do these people get their mailing list?)

It would have to be a pretty big discount for me to whip that thing out at Whole Foods or Costco or Priscilla’s! Talk to me in 7 years, AARP!

2. Three copies of AdWords Für Dummies – the long-awaited German translation of AdWords For Dummies. I heard a rumor that in Bad Godesberg, the line at the DBH bookstore stretched all the way from the checkout counter to the little rack of Godiva chocolates and greeting cards right next to the checkout counter.

It’s a weird feeling, looking at this book I supposedly wrote, not being able to understand a word. I haven’t felt this way since I found my PhD dissertation while cleaning the house looking for my squash racquet. 

The other thing is, the Google gift card on this book is 25 Euro, which is like $7000 post Lehman and AIG. That makes AdWords Für Dummies an attractive investment instrument. Plus a great baby shower item, graduation present, and Bar Mitzvah and communion gift.

Me, I’m opening a Swiss bank account and filling it with AdWords Für Dummies and Godiva chocolate. When that AARP card kicks in, I’ll be sitting pretty.

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