How to Edit an AdWords Ad

Last night I was showing my almost 9-year-old son the bass guitar intro to "Brown Eyed Girl" (you know, "da da da da-da, da da da da-da, da da da da-da da, da da-da").

In my mind, I’m racing ahead to the family band performing at some large outdoor arena (I probably watched a few too many Partridge Family episodes in my youth), and I assume that E gets that the last "da  da-da" is the bridge, the part that allows the whole thing to repeat. But he doesn’t. After we finish playing the riff once (and I’m trying my best not to burst out in a traumatizing "Yooouuuu…." in the middle), I go into it again.

But E wants to know what to do next. 

"Just start over," I explain impatiently, eager to get to the "sha la la la la la la la" part.

"From where?" he wonders.

Sometimes the simplest things aren’t obvious. And my lyrical spasms aren’t helping; they’re just confusing and distracting him. ("Do you remember when…")

So to teach him the concept of the repeating chord structure, we have to set Van aside and pick up a nice, simple, two-chord tune, "Hush, Little Baby." Not quite as  cool as Van the Man, but much more useful to an aspiring rocker in that moment.

So in honor of aspiring AdWords rockers everywhere, today’s HowTo blog post is dedicated to a reader who asks a very fundamental question: "How do I edit my ad?"

How to Edit an Ad

1. Log in to your AdWords account.

2. Navigate via the top tab to "Campaign Management >> Campaign Summary".

3. Click the name of the campaign that contains the ad you want to edit.

4. Click the name of the ad group that contains the ad you want to edit.

5. Near the top left, you’ll see one of your ads. Below that ad, click the tiny link that says, "View all." 

You’ll now be in the Ad Variations tab:

6. Click the "Edit" link to the right of the ad you want to edit. You’ll then open the ad for editing:

Edit the Ad

7. Change anything you like in the headline, description lines, display or destination URLs, and click "Save Ad".

That’s it! Now you never have to sing about AdWords, "So hard to find my way / Now that I’m all on my own."

And here’s a short video that shows the same thing:

How to Edit and Create New AdWords Ads
Uploaded by askhowie

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