Installing WordPress on GoDaddy

It turns out that a blog install on GoDaddy is pretty quick and easy. Just log in to your account, find "Hosting" and then at the top, click the "Manage Apps" button.

Choose "Blog" and then "WordPress" from the dropdown menu:

Follow the wizard instructions, making sure you write down your user names and passwords. Jackie Davis of wants to remind you that these user names and passwords are case sensitive!

Why am I telling you this? Because a blog is one of the best ways to elevate your site in Google’s eyes. If you’re having quality score issues with AdWords, it may be because Google doesn’t think much of your content. A blog is the quickest and most effective way to start delivering high quality content in a search engine friendly format.

So Go Forth and Blog!

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  1. #1 • Jackie said on October 15 2008:

    Hey Howie,

    You’re the best!
    It was so fast and easy to install Word Press!


  2. #2 • bradleybradwell said on April 13 2009:

    This is much easier than using the regular old FTP file uploader. It’ll definitely make things easier for users who aren’t as educated about WordPress. This is a much more simplified and direct way of installing WordPress.
    I like how Godaddy has also allowed us to be able to install other content management systems. It really brings more variety to how we can create and maintain websites.