AdWords Quality Score Gets Cardinal

Until recently, quality score was given in moral terms – Great, OK, or Poor.

That’s still the way it appears in your campaign management dashboard:

But now, you can get actual quality score numbers in your reports:

All part of Google’s effort to get us to pay attention to the overall quality of the experience that searchers will have once they click our ad.

It’s like when I was in high school, the teachers used to complain about how grade-grubby I was. I would write a 12-page essay on predestination in Malamud’s The Magic Barrel, the teacher would spend 2 hours reading and commenting on it, and I would flip to the page page, check out the grade, and totally ignore the commentary. (That’s probably why I’m writing Dummies books instead of novels :)

Google’s now giving quality score the same serious treatment – a black and white cardinal number – as they give to position, average bid price, and CTR. 

So why do they still hide it by default? ;)

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  1. #1 • Dan Perach said on January 15 2009:

    Now quality score is available in reports and in Adwords Editor, so that’s very helpful in optimizing your account.