How to Save an Account with Lousy Quality Score

A reader wonders:

I now manage several campaigns for clients who had someone else initially set up their campaigns. They are a terrible mess and have horrible CTRs. I’m curious (since part of the Quality Score is calculated by keyword history) if I should just kill off those old campaigns (delete or pause?) and start new ones that are better organized?

My response:

You should definitely stop doing things that annoy Google. And poor quality score is the most important "Google is Not Amused" metric.

Horrible CTRs are bad for you, regardless of what Google thinks. So immediately start writing better ads.

Pause poorly performing keywords based on profitability first. If the keyword is losing money (costing more than it’s bringing in), then pause it.

You don’t need to delete entire campaigns, since Google attaches quality score only to the elements within those campaigns: keywords, ads, and landing pages.

In fact, even if you delete the entire account and start over, that won’t help your quality score if you send traffic to the same lousy web site.

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