AdWords Conversions and Transactions – What’s the Difference?

Google snuck in one of their earth-shaking changes recently, without so much as a "heads-up." Here it is:

Conversions used to mean, "Somebody who clicked your ad just did something good on your site."

So if a visitor opted in to my newsletter and then signed up for the Look Over My Shoulder video series, that counted as two conversions from the same visitor. For that keyword over that time period, my conversion rate would be 200%.

Now, things have changed. A unique visitor can trigger only one conversion. Now the above scenario would register as one conversion and two transactions.

If you’re relying on the AdWords dashboard to give you useful information about your conversions and ROI, forget about it. You need to be setting up and running reports.

Not sure how to go about this? You have several choices:

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