Multi-lingual Search – Don’t Stop at Keywords and Ads

I had a European client once who was advertising their publication in Germany. Through market research, they had discovered a sizeable Turkish-speaking market in Germany.

So they hired someone to translate their keywords and ads into Turkish.

Immediately, they saw a significant uptick in traffic – impressions and clicks.

And a significant downturn in ROI.

Why? Because they hadn’t bothered to translate their landing page, their sales process, or the publication itself.

They enticed Turkish speakers to – a brick wall of German.

In honor of you not making this mistake, I present my favorite video of the week – a Spanish-language soap opera for those of us whose linguistic facility is limited to 3 weeks of Spanish in 4th grade, augmented by a well-intentioned but short-lived stint of Pimsleur immersion tapes during the morning commute:

Check out this week’s video newsletter for some tips and tools about finding multi-lingual and global markets for your products and services.

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  1. #1 • Christian said on January 25 2009:

    What you said is really true; on our web site event if we know people speak English, people prefer to get information in their own language. So we have to match our AdWords campaign language with corresponding landing page language. Lot of work but it worth the effort and we notice significant increase of ROI.

    We have to realise it: people do not speak only English.