Will Dynamic Keyword Insertion into the Landing Page Solve All My Problems?

A reader wonders:

If I have a lot of related keywords, do I need to send each keyword to it’s own landing page? Or can I automatically insert the keyword into the title tag of a dynamically generated landing page?

My response:

Dynamic keyword insertion into the landing page may work for Google in terms of assigning relevance (and hence a high quality score) to a keyword-landing page combo, but it doesn’t always work for the person searching. Different keywords may require different stories, different emotional appeals, different motivations, etc.

For example, look at a couple of keywords in my field:

adwords help

adwords consulting

They might be considered synonymous, but I’d probably send adwords consulting traffic to a page talking about my consulting practice, and adwords help traffic would go to a product, or even a free newsletter.

Simply swapping out "help" for "consulting" doesn’t capture the big difference between the two needs/problems/desires.

There’s an easy way to find out, though: Try it and see if the conversion rate is pretty equal across a bunch of keywords. If one keyword converts much worse than the others, then you know that traffic requires its own dedicated landing page.

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  1. #1 • khoren said on January 27 2009:

    Thank you Howie for explaining this topic in detail.I look forward to buy your second Adwords book,I am learning a lot.thanks again.