A Marketing Experiment

Experiment: Get 45 minutes of my phone consulting for $3.95.

Well, at the moment that’s true. I just listed a 45-minute AdWords consultation on eBay for $3.95, no reserve. That means, if you bid on it right now and nobody outbids you, I’ll be sharing my best stuff with you for 45 minutes for the price of a vegetarian egg roll at Thai Cafe (and believe me, I’ll enjoy that egg roll like nobody’s business).

You set the agenda: we can delve into your AdWords account, look at your landing pages, follow-up methodology, or overall business strategy.

One such consultation that I did about six months ago has saved the recipient about $80,000 in wasted clicks so far. Another increased CTR from 3.42 to 8.93% (a 161% improvement) within 5 weeks of the consultation. 

If you’d like to bid on the consultation, here’s a link to the eBay listing: AdWords Consultation – 45 minutes with Howie.

The auction closes on March 5, 2009 at 1:24pm EST. 


1. It’s unusual to sell consulting this way. And a little scary. What if nobody bids and I end up looking like a loser? After all, there’s no way to hide the final sale price on eBay. If it sells for $24.50, what will that mean for my fragile little ego? And for my positioning as a high-priced, high demand consultant?

2. Since it’s unusual, how can I use this “gimmick” to generate publicity for AdWords For Dummies, askHowie, and my consulting/ coaching practice? I’ve got some ideas, which you’ll see implemented over the next few days if you’re paying attention, but I’m not too proud to beg for more. How would you publicize the auction if you were me? (Of course, the more serious bidders I attract, the better the final outcome should be for me, so I have a very immediate interest in spreading the word.)

Post your ideas to comments.

3. Can you think of  something new and different you can do in your business to shake things up and make some waves? What rules can you break? A great way to ask the question, paraphrased from Doug Hall’s Jumpstart Your Business Brain: “What would really worry you if your competitors started doing this?”

That question sparked some lively brainstorming at “Camp Howie” (the name given to the 2.5 day Intensive Mastermind Workshop held in Durham last week). And produced some really powerful strategies for differentiating in crowded and competitive markets. 

See you on eBay!

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  1. #1 • John Deck said on February 26 2009:

    Well Howie, it may have started at $3.95, but it is $24 current bid. This will be fun to watch.


  2. #2 • Aghper said on February 26 2009:

    The price went up as of this witting 50$.The price of vegetarian egg roll for whole family :)

  3. #3 • carlos said on February 26 2009:

    I am bidding, Thanks for the offer

  4. #4 • Marie said on February 27 2009:

    OK…on my watch list.

  5. #5 • Brett Owens said on February 28 2009:

    Re: publicizing, I wonder if you could get some help from eBay’s marketing team.

    Gotta think they are looking for new, unique ways to liven up their brand.