Thanks for the Shirt, PSU!

psu-google, originally uploaded by Howie Jacobson.

Here I am wearing the t-shirt sent to me by Jim Jansen’s AdWords Challenge class at Penn State. I tele-lectured for them last week, and got this cool shirt as thanks.

Hey, PSU’ers, post any AdWords questions to comments and I’ll answer them as best I can.

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  1. #1 • Jim Jansen said on March 10 2009:


    First, thanks a million for tele-lecturing to the GOMCHA course. The students loved it!

    Second, is that the coolest t-shirt ever? :-)

    Third, given teams have a $200 and 21 days to get results, how would you start the campaign off (e.g., bid prices, traffic estimation, etc.)?

  2. #2 • Howie Jacobson said on March 16 2009:

    Love the shirt!

    What’s the goal? How are you being judged? Elegance of ad groups and ad copy, or some results?

  3. #3 • Jim Jansen said on March 17 2009:

    Criteria are:
    Account structure
    Tool and feature usage
    Advertiser savviness
    Budget management

  4. #4 • Howie Jacobson said on March 18 2009:

    Performance – I assume CTR only, since conversion data are too subject to manipulation and error.

    Account structure – lots of ad groups w/unique landing pages (make sure to add noindex tags to “duplicate” content)

    As you monitor CTR, peel the outlying high-impression keywords into separate ad groups to optimize keyword/ad relevance

    Tool and feature usage – dunno, just show them that you saw all the tools. See if there’s some scheduling trick you can try (no ads on Saturday nights, etc.).

    Also, consider a small placement-targeted campaign

    Also, do some geo-targeting in a campaign

    Advertiser savviness – I love negative keywords. Google loves broad match keywords with negatives (they say it’s a best practice, but I prefer moving to exact match, but they’re judging, not me).

    Budget management – with only a couple hundred bucks, monitor every click. Be hyper-responsive to expensive clicks. Run reports daily that filter for clicks that cost more than X, and pause those keywords.

    Weird to be giving this “non-ROI” advice. I want to be clear that this is not for normal advertisers trying to make money via AdWords!!!

  5. #5 • Jim Jansen said on March 19 2009:

    Thanks, Howie! Much appreciated!

  6. #6 • Jenna Drew said on April 8 2009:

    My team is working on the campaign. So far our content network is generating the most impressions; however, no clicks. Do you have any recommendations to increase our CTR?

  7. #7 • Howie Jacobson said on April 8 2009:

    Jenna – What sites are showing your ads in the Content Network? Why are people visiting those sites? What are your ads promising that’s exciting enough to interrupt the site visitors and make them say, “Wow, I want that right now!”

  8. #8 • Jenna Drew said on April 11 2009:

    Right now we’re working with social networks like Myspace and Facebook targeted to our campaign age group (18-24). I’ll work more on the copy, it may need to be revamped.