French Keywords

A reader wonders:

Am currently using the Look Over My Shoulder (LOMS) videos to get started using AdWords. They’re very helpful, and I’m very grateful to Howie for creating them.

As I will be writing ads and landing pages in French, I need a tool that will help me identify the top 100 French keywords. Are you able to recommend one (either free or paid)? Before checking anywhere else, I wanted to check with Howie because I trust him to steer me in the right direction.

My response:

Aw, shucks. Thanks for the kind words. What was your question again?

Oh yeah, French keywords.

First thing I’d try is the Google free keyword tool.

In the Tools tab, find the "edit" link next to the default language and location:

Change the parameters on the page that displays next:

That should do it for you.

Note to everyone else: If you’re interested in the LOMS AdWords success videos, and you would also like to send me fan mail of gratitude, I think that’s an excellent idea. Find out more here.

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  1. #1 • Jessica said on April 1 2009:

    Thank you Howie. Given that you’re my favorite source for Adwords help, it’s a special treat to see the answer to my question posted on your blog.

    Un grand merci à vous pour votre aide : )

  2. #2 • Howie Jacobson said on April 1 2009:

    > Un grand merci à vous pour votre aide : )

    I always like to help voters, no matter what language they speak ;)