Howie Jacobson slapped for online “Hate Speech”

I recently uploaded a video on how to add a custom site search form to a website to a bunch of video sharing sites. It was accepted by most of them, except for Here’s the email I got explaining why:


OK, I know you’re curious. So here’s the video (on youtube, whose standards are obviously more lax and permissive than revver). If you can figure out what’s so offensive, please let me know.

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  1. #1 • Jim said on April 10 2009:

    Beats me – the only thing I could possibly see is “English only” (discrimination ?)

    This just shows you how vulnerable you are when you have to rely on others for your traffic. It’s the “golden rule” – they that own the gold make the rules, and if your politics doesn’t match their – you lose.

  2. #2 • Jessica said on April 10 2009:

    Howie, I watched it twice to make sure I heard every word, and I heard absolutely nothing that could have been construed as hateful by any stretch of the imagination.

    Makes no sense to me at all that you were sent that message. I think it was sent to you by mistake.

  3. #3 • Dave said on April 21 2009:

    Looks to me like the classic ‘ID-10-T’ problem at There’s not a thing wrong with the video, IMHO…