How Many Keywords per Ad Group?

A reader wonders:

How many keywords (max) would you associate with your individual ad?

My response:

No more than 10 or so. The exact number is less important than the main concept, which is that all the keywords be tightly linked to the ad copy.

So if your ad group is about vidalia onions, and your ad headline is "Sweet vidalia onions," you might include the following keyword variations:

sweet vidalia onions
vidalia onions
vidalian onion delivery
buy vidalia onions
buy sweet vidalia onions
order sweet vidalia onions
order vidalia onions

I would put the following keywords into different ad groups:

vidalia onion recipes
vidalia onion relish
sweet onions
vidalia onion farms

I might use "relish" as a negative keyword if I don’t think relish seekers are my market.

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