The Five Characteristics of an Authority Web Site

Google loves "authority" web sites. Sites that provide valuable information and expertise, and don't just try to sell stuff.

And to show their love, Google will reward authority sites with high search engine rankings, and lower cost per click AdWords keywords.

Sound good?

If you're ready to be the authority in your industry, here are the five major characteristics of an Authority Web Site:

  1. High Quality Content – good, useful stuff
  2. Large Quantity of Content – lots of pages
  3. High Frequency of Updates – so Google sees the site is always growing and staying current
  4. User Friendly – with intuitive navigation and helpful links
  5. Good Reputation – as determined by other authority sites linking to you

The easiest way to create your own Authority Web Site is by blogging. My entire askHowie site is constructed as a WordPress blog (it was free, except for some design of the header and some custom hand-holding, er, programming for special features).

If you're interested in attending a 3-part blogging webinar, which I haven't decided whether I'm going to offer or not, please reply as a comment below so I can get a sense of the amount and intensity of interest before I create the webinar.

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  1. #1 • Norah Schneider said on June 25 2009:

    I would be interested in a blogging webinar. Keep up the great work with educating all of us.

  2. #2 • stan said on June 28 2009:

    Hi Howie,
    I am interested in the webinar too.
    Thanks for educating us.

  3. #3 • Samuel said on June 29 2009:

    Sure, why not?

  4. #4 • Jim said on June 30 2009:

    I have heard that a blog should be used to compliment a web site as opposed to replacing it. The rationale used was that a blog is not organized to show up in the organic search results. The analogy used was that a blog was like a “stack of old newspapers” where a web site with a site map submitted to the search engines are better picked up by the search engines to show up in the organic results.

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on that, and yes – I’d be interested in your webcast.


  5. #5 • Ann said on July 1 2009:

    I am interested in blogging, but not sure that it is appropriate for my market. Thanks, Ann

  6. #6 • Get Clients said on July 1 2009:

    Keep up the great work !