Mastering the Content Network

If you’re advertising on the Content Network, you want to find out which web pages are showing your ads. Before, the only way to find this out was running a report. Now, you can see this crucial info within the new AdWords interface.

You can do it for the entire account, for a specific campaign, or even for an individual ad group. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do it for an entire campaign.

Go to the Networks Tab


From within a campaign, click the Networks tab.

Check Automatic Placements


If you’ve used the default settings, you’ll be showing your ads on Content Network pages relevant to your keywords. These are called “Automatic Placements” and will be shown by default. If you can’t see the list, simply click the Show Details link next to Automatic Placements.

Check out the Placements List


In this view, you’ll see the web domain, ad group, and performance statistics.

View Individual URLs


Check the box next to any domain/ad group combo and then click the no-longer-greyed-out See URL List button to view all the URLs where your ad has appeared on that domain.

Which Pages aren’t Worth It?


For each page, you can see the conversion statistics. The highlighted page above has received 89 clicks and 0 sales. Maybe it’s time to stop wasting my money on that page…

Exclude Poorly Performing Pages


To exclude a page, check the box to the left of the page URL and then click the Exclude Placements button above the list.

Exclude the Page at the Campaign or Ad Group Level


Decide if you want to exclude the page for the entire campaign, or just the ad group you’re looking at right now.

My recommendation is to exclude the page just for the ad group. It’s possible that the very same page could be generating conversions in a different ad group.

You’ve Just Excluded Some ROI-Negative Traffic


If you’ve succeeded in excluding the page, you’ll see a bright red Excluded sign next to the URL.

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