Segment your traffic from a single keyword

When one of your important keywords represents different market segments, you've got to make some tough landing page choices. If you try to appeal to all the segments at once, your page will be bland, vague and uninteresting. Yet if you choose one segment, you disregard the others. What's an advertiser to do?

Ambiguous Keyword Example

nanny placement agency

Who's looking for that? Families looking for nannies, and nannies looking for jobs.

As you can see from the screenshot of the Google SERP (search engine results page), the advertisers focus on the families. There's more money to be made by placing a nanny with a family than by getting another candidate on your roster.

And a nanny looking for an agency is likely to dig into the website to find the "Apply for a Job" page. Because they might be more motivated and therefore willing to put up with more steps, it's logical that the advertiser would make them second banana to the family looking to hire Mary Poppins this minute.

So the landing page would focus primarily on parents looking for nannies, with a link somewhere for the nannies looking for families. Not a perfect solution, but the best one we have available to us.

Actually, had.

New: Ad SiteLinks

Google has just introduced a new AdWords feature called "SiteLinks" that allow you to specify up to 10 specific landing pages in addition to your main one. Here's an example:

It looks like this feature – currently in limited beta – is available only for ads in the premium positions – above the organic links on the left, rather than down the right side. And there's no word about partner or content networks at this point.

So soon you'll be able to run your nanny ad with some additional links:

For Parents    For Nannies
For Kids
         For Julie Andrews

Keep a lookout for this new feature in your account – it will appear in campaign settings, under a tab named "Ad extensions".

And start watching the SERP for good and bad examples of this new feature.

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