How I Get into the Shower, and a lot of stuff in German

Last fall I presented at the very first European AdWords conference, AdWords Days 2009, in Cologne Germany. Here's a trailer for AdWords Days 2010, which takes place 1-2 June 2010, also in Cologne.

My presentation was in English, which considering the only German I know is the Ode To Joy from Beethoven's 9th and "die Kuh gibt Milch" (which I learned from, is a good thing.

Brad Geddes also presented (I still have occasional hand cramps from all the notes I took during his fabulous talk) in English, and the rest were in German.

The trailer begins with me deep in metaphor-land, describing in detail how I get into the shower in the morning. Unfortunately, I never get around to saying how this relates to AdWords and traffic generation. Anybody able to guess what the connection is in my warped mind?

Anyway, here's the trailer. The rock music background rocks, so turn up those speakers!

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