Getting Serious about SEO

Working through Michael Campbell's excellent guide to simple and effective SEO –

Just a web page – nothing to download, opt in for, buy, or beg.

One of the steps is to claim your blog on That's what I'm doing now, by entering a code into this blog post.


There, that's done. Got it, technorati?

I'll keep you posted on this blog (posted, get it? ;) how well Michael's methods work for me.

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  1. #1 • Adam said on February 6 2010:

    Hi Howie,

    Great post – really enjoyed the simple, easy to follow style in Michael's- er, Sammy's – explanation. Quick question: Does this strategy work for static html sites as well, or just blogs?

  2. #2 • hos said on March 1 2010:

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