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Pricing, decoys, headlines – these aren't just the stuff of savvy online marketers.

They're also key components of menu psychology.

Check out this NY Times article by Sarah Kershaw on research into how menu decisions can affect restaurant profitability (thanks to Mark Hurst of CreativeGood.com for bringing it to my attention).

Decoys: A Powerful Marketing Technique

Using decoy items is one of my favorite marketing techniques. Writes Kershaw,

"Some restaurants use what researchers call decoys. For example, they may place a really expensive item at the top of the menu, so that other dishes look more reasonably priced; research shows that diners tend to order neither the most nor least expensive items, drifting toward the middle. Or restaurants might play up a profitable dish by using more appetizing adjectives and placing it next to a less profitable dish with less description so the contrast entices the diner to order the profitable dish."

Decoys work so well because they capitalize on our brain's powerful tendency to save energy when making decisions. Instead of considering all the possibilities the universe has to offer us, we focus on the select few right in front of our nose. As a marketer, if you can influence the set of options, you can influence the final decision.

That's the whole principle behind my AdWords Checkmate method, which I'm finally ready to share in all its glory with the online marketing community. 

To get the early bird scoop, go here.

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