Upcoming Educational Opportunities

Some good educational opportunities coming up in the next couple of months. In chronological order:

1. Perry Marshall's AdWords Elite Summit – streaming and DVDs

My friend, colleague and mentor Perry Marshall's AdWords Elite Summit in Maui is looking to be a must-attend for top AdWords players. How seriously am I taking this? Perry invited me a couple of months ago to be a speaker, and I couldn't, due to a long-standing client commitment. As soon as I could, I ordered the live streaming video and DVD set of the event. That was hard, to pay for something that was offered for free ;) But as someone who plays in the AdWords Big Leagues, I couldn't afford not to.

If you play in the AdWords Big Leagues, or aspire to, and you're not jetting to Maui next week, do yourself a favor and order the videos. Perry's kindly hooked my affiliate link up with a $100 coupon, already applied:


The coupon expires on Thursday, Feb 25 (that's two days from now).

2. Camp Checkmate – Live, Durham NC, April 1-2, 2010

I'm a fairly low-key guy, but if we were in the same room I'd be shaking you by the shoulders telling you that Camp Checkmate is the most powerful marketing experience you'll ever find, and that you should do whatever you can to attend. 

Unlike the other events, this is not an informational seminar. It's an experiential workshop, where you come away with a completely revamped marketing message, as well as the skills to compete in just about any market. (I gave a small taste of the workshop – 6 minutes worth – to Perry Marshall's roundtable members last month, and they were over the moon about the results they got even in that short time. See the link below for a video roundout of their reactions.)

Stay tuned for more information over the next couple of days. This is a small group event (30 people max). The floodgates open as soon as I get the sales letter up, so if you want to get in ahead of the rush, and you don't need a ton of persuasion that spending 2 days with me in a small group workshop environment is worth it, go to the link below to get the ball rolling. If you go there, you may discover a shopping cart mistake that may make you very happy. I'm fixing the mistake tomorrow morning, first thing. But if you spot it now, definitely take advantage!


3. The System Seminar – Live, Chicago IL, April 9-11, 2010

I've attended just about every System Seminar since they began in 2002, and it's no exaggeration to say that my training there has been the foundation for my online marketing career. The first two events were the most powerful for me, as they focused on fundamentals.

Ken McCarthy, who runs the seminar, has put together a speaking roster that reflects a "back to basics" focus on copywriting, positioning, traffic generation.

If you sign up through this link, you're invited to be my guest on Saturday night, April 10 at a small group dinner with me and some of the sharpest minds in marketing: Perry Marshall, Drayton Bird, Timothy Seward of ROIRevolution, and Ben Moskel (the "super-affiliate"). 

Ken always puts on a razzle-dazzle pre-seminar series of expert interviews and articles, which you should get even if you have no intention of attending this year. The link below gives you access to all that, as well as entice you to attend the main event.


What I Can't Explain: The Energy Field of the Live Event

When you see a sales pitch for a live event, you'll always get a long bulleted list of "what you'll learn" and "what you'll now be able to accomplish." That's terrific – ultimately we attend events and develop ourselves professionally to increase our knowledge and capabilities.

But something else happens at the RIGHT live events that's simply magical, that can't be explained, and that can't be described adequately to someone who's never experienced it. 

You come under the sway of a powerful, positive, optimistic, proactive and generous energy field.

And for the time you're there, you reorient your behavior, self-image, and actions to attune with this field.

And if you're diligent at networking, you form relationships with people that sustain the field long after you return home.

Take stock briefly: how much time do you spend in the presence of a positive, optimistic, proactive and generous energy field? Does that describe your work environment now? Is everyone raring to go, focusing on how to better themselves, serve others, and take full responsibility for outcomes? If not, how does that affect you on a day-to-day basis? Are you curious to see how your entrepreneurial spirit can soar in the presence of warm, supportive thermals of energy?

Of course, I'd love it if you came to Camp Checkmate (if you can't make Durham in May, there's always Chicago in June – stay tuned).

But any time you can put yourself in an "elite" situation, where people self-select for self-improvement, you'll benefit. If the content is appropriate to your needs. And if the organizer has "heart" – a spirit that resonates with your own. 

While ebooks are useful and home study courses are valuable and teleseminars are empowering, a live event can be life-changing. I've experienced it many times, and I want the same for you.

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,


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