Sorting Keywords – New Instructions

A reader asks:

I purchased your Google Adwords book and on page 54 at the bottom, you said to "click the approx avg search volume header to sort by average monthly search volume, from greatest to least", but I don't see this option on google's keyword tool. Is there something else I can click on to get the same results?

My response:

I'm lying in bed with a wrenched lower back, so the keyword I gravitate toward is "low back pain." Next time someone asks me a keyword question, I hope I respond with an example more like "ultra-marathoning over 40" ;)

Here's how you do it in the new Google Keyword Tool:

1. Enter your keyword and get a table of results:

Sorting Keywords in AdWords

2. Next to "Sorted by" at the top right, click the drop-down menu that currently shows "Relevance".

You'll see the whole menu, and then you can select the sort field:

Sorting Keywords by Global Search Volume in AdWords Keyword Tool

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