What You Don’t Know About SEO…

At the 2010 System Seminar in Chicago earlier this month, the rock star presenter was Mike Marshall, SEO Expert Extraordinaire. His presentation was nothing like I've ever seen or heard about SEO before, and I've been in this business since 2001. 

Mike showed us how to eliminate the months of trial and error testing that most SEO folks (agencies and entrepreneurs) go through to climb to the top of Google.

When I discovered that we were neighbors, I enticed him to visit and record an interview with me. For three selfish reasons:

  1. I wanted to be one to sharing this great stuff with you. When you listen to it, you will go, "Wow, Howie, thanks for sharing this great stuff with me." You will white list my emails, click my links, and come to my workshops.
  2. I wanted to help Mike promote his NC Search Engine Academy workshop (May 24-28, 2010). When Mike sees how this recording helps him fill the workshop, he will go, "Wow, Howie, thanks for helping me fill this workshop." He will teach me his SEO tricks and help me rescue my sites from Google's remainder shelves.
  3. I wanted a reason to clean my cesspool of an office, and having a visitor is the best motivator for clutter removal.

So without further ado, here's a link to the interview in MP3 format. You can right-click to download it to your iPod or iPad or iPed (the new iPod for cyclists?) or iPeed (never mind) or iPood (really never mind) or even your desktop.

Mike Marshall Bends Your Mind About SEO

Here's a direct link (not an affiliate link, that's how serious I am about my three selfish reasons being sufficient) to Mike's Search Engine Academy workshop:

NC Search Engine Academy

Do me a favor: After listening to the interview, please post your thoughts to comments on this post. I'm really curious whether other people are as amazed by Mike's insights as I am.

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  1. #1 • Lyena Solomon said on April 23 2010:

    Great interview! Not only Mike has a great understanding of what is going on in SEO world today, he explains it well enough for people to understand. Loved his bicycle & cake analogy! I also liked that the conversation was not abstract and general. Mike had good examples illustrating his points.


  2. #2 • Dan Zuzanski said on June 23 2010:

    I also listened to Mike Marshall at the System Seminar and thought he was great.  Howie's interview with Mike really took it up one notch and gave real great "how to" tips on reaching the top of organic search rankings in Google.  I am very excited to put this interview to work for my own websites.  Great Job Howie and I look forward to more interviews with great marketing professionals.