Amazing Insights on Learning

Two days ago, I was skyping with Sean D'Souza of when (now he'll know I was multitasking ;) an email came in from amazon: I had an $11.63 gift certificate, based on my stellar performance as an affiliate.

I skyped Sean, "Just got an amazon gift certificate, what book should I get?"

Sean answered immediately: "The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle."

Fast forward two days, I'm having lunch, the book arrives, and my hummus-covered hands can't wait to open it and start reading. I'm now on page 18, and I'm blown away by the insights. So much so that I put the book down and ran to the computer to blog about it.

Like all great ideas, they're both obvious and counter-intuitive at the same time.

I'll write a longer review when my hands are clean, my belly's full, and I've actually read enough of the book to sound smart about it.

For right now, my advice is: Just get it and read it. It will change how you learn, and how you market.

Thanks, Sean! And thanks Daniel!

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  1. #1 • Steve Weakley said on April 29 2010:

    Thanks for the tip on "The Talent Code." Looks fascinating.

  2. #2 • Sean D'Souza said on April 30 2010:

    Hah. the Talent Code may tell you that multi tasking is a myth ;)

  3. #3 • Howie Jacobson said on April 30 2010:

    My friend Peter Bregman just sent me a wonderful Harvard Business article about multi-tasking – look for it in next week's

    I find multitasking addictive – but only in front of a computer screen, which is why I refuse to watch screens of any kind on the weekend.

    This weekend I'll be reconnecting with the earth – literally and figuratively re-grounding myself after another week in cyberspace :)

    See me dancing in dirt: But please don't laugh… too hard ;)