Stretch Your Mind – A Clever Use of AdWords

When we use AdWords, we generally think in terms of numbers. How many impressions, how many clicks, how many conversions, based on a large potential market.

But what if your entire market consisted of only 5 people in the whole world? Could AdWords work in that case?

Check out this devilishly clever case study of an AdWords campaign that targeted known individuals, rather than big markets:

Have you used AdWords in unorthodox and clever ways? Share your stories in comments.

(Thanks to Barbara Demarest for the heads-up.)

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  1. #1 • Samuel said on May 19 2010:

    This is HOWIE do it! Absolutely brilliant!
    I'm half-way through reading your AdWords for dummies book and I think it should be called AdWords for smarties. I'm experienced yet I still discovered many new and fresh ideas from you.
    Thanks. Keep up your good work.