A Landing Page Parable

Imagine this:

You wake up and there’s an inch of water on your living room floor, and it’s rising. Discovering a burst pipe in a closet wall, you grab the phone book and call the first plumber who offers emergency service.

Ring ring.

“Hello, this is Oscar and Felix’s Plumbing Service. How may I help you?”

“I’ve got a burst pipe and it’s flooding my house.”

“Oscar and Felix’s Plumbing Service has been operating in your town since 1987. We specialize in custom kitchen plumbing, septic systems, replacing old pipes with copper and PVC, and unclogging stopped drains.”

“Didn’t you hear me? I’ve got a busted pipe and my cat is swimming.”

“Would you like us to send you, absolutely free of charge and with no obligation, our Special Report, ‘7 Plumbing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your House’? All you need to do is give me your full name, address, email, and phone number, and you’ll have that report in your email inbox in just 3 minutes.”

Click. Dial tone. You, the hot prospect, are gone, never to return.

Your Landing Page is the Person Who Answers the Phone

And your prospect’s search query is the first thing they say after you pick up.

For example, let’s pretend you sell information on how to use webinars to grow your business. One of your keywords is how to record a webinar.

When someone enters that keyword and clicks your ad, they’ve just called you and said, “Hello, I’d like to know how to record a webinar.”

Your landing page headline is your response. Most advertisers don’t take the time to create different landing pages for different keywords. So their reply to the search query is something like the following headline:

“How to Make Money With Webinars”

But in that case, you’ve totally ignored what your prospect just told you they want RIGHT NOW.

And that feels pretty disrespectful. Like the receptionist at Oscar and Felix’s Plumbing Service ignoring the immediate need of the caller.

Instead, your headline might read:

“How to Record Webinars without Compromising the Quality of the Live Event and Without Needing Expensive Equipment or a Degree in Engineering”

Now does your visitor feel heard and acknowledged? Might they spend a little time on your site, enough perhaps for you to share some value with them in exchange for their contact information, or even their credit card number?

But I Have Hundreds (or Thousands) of Keywords!

You may be thinking, “That’s all very well in theory, but I couldn’t possibly create different landing pages for every single keyword in my account!”

Fair enough.

Here’s where the 80/20 rule comes to the rescue. Don’t try to do everything at once. Bite off a manageable chunk, like this:

Go into your AdWords account and click the Keywords tab.

Next, sort all your keywords, descending, by impressions.

Chances are, you’ll have just a few keywords (fewer than 10, and maybe only 3 or 4) that account for the majority of your traffic.

Can you create a new dedicated landing page for the biggest keyword that doesn’t yet have one?

If you have a decent amount of traffic and low conversions, this is absolutely the best use of your AdWords time.

It’s your choice:

You can mend the weakest point in your sales pipeline now.

Or you can call me when it bursts and you’re up to your ankles in a flood of expensive, unconverted visitors.

“Hello, this is Howie’s AdWords Plumbing Service. How may I help you?”

3-Part Landing Page Clinic


If you're driving AdWords visitors to a landing page that doesn't produce enough leads or sales…

If you want to discover a simple formula for producing winning landing pages…

If you'd like to get a huge discount, plus not have to wade through a long sales letter… ;)

Here's the thing: I have this product, the Landing Page Clinic, which is really good. Three webinar recordings plus handouts.

I did it live several months ago, and never released it.

I'm working on the sales letter. But I'm exhausted from Camp Checkmate, and backed up on a lot of client work.

I'll get to the sales letter, I really will. 

But in the meantime, if you trust me enough to buy the Landing Page Clinic without it, I'll reward you with special pricing and a zero-risk guarantee:

Special Pricing

Landing Page Clinic will retail for $97.11. If you buy it now, minus the sales letter, you can take $50 off. This offer is good until June 25, 2010.

The 2-Part Zero-Risk Guarantee:

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If you implement what you learn and don't experience at least a 25% improvement in conversions within 60 days, I insist that you ask for and get your money back.

Get started now: http://askhowie.com/lp-clinic-sale

Wishing you health, happiness, prosperity, and good plumbing,

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  1. #1 • Jessica said on May 29 2010:

    Wonderful parable! And the clearest, most entertaining explanation of the importance of getting right to the point that I have ever heard.

  2. #2 • Jordan said on June 18 2010:

    Hey Howie,

    I looove the example. It’s perfect and dead on the money. I have encountered many of those types of landing pages myself and always thinking about better ways to do exactly what you talk about.
    By the way… this sales page is pretty darn good already.

  3. #3 • Orestes said on June 18 2010:

    Hi! Howie,
    It´s really interesting knowing all that especially someone like me who is working in a landing page right now but my biggest problem is the sale letter. So I will wait till you have it…hurry up!