Three Magic Landing Page Questions

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Before I create a landing page, I ask three questions:

  1. Where are people's heads when they first come to the page?
  2. What do I want them to do on the page?
  3. What is currently preventing them from doing that, and how do I overcome those obstacles?

1. Where are their heads when they arrive?

When someone comes to your site, it isn't an accident. It's the direct and immediate result of their intention.

They are trying to accomplish something. To learn something.

To change a feeling state from an unpleasant one to a pleasurable one. 

Why are they on your site? Are they browsing for information well in advance of a purchase? Are they comparing options, getting close to making a buying decision? Or are they ready to buy, just looking for the package that suits them best?

 How well do they know you? Have they visited your site before? Do they trust you? 

How much do they know about your product or service? Are they experienced and savvy, or a complete newbie? 

2. What do you want them to do? 

Every page on your site needs a reason for being. That reason is the MDA, the Most Desired Response from your visitor. For a luxury trave agent, examples include: search for vacation packages; sign up for my travel newsletter; call me; email me; click the "Read my blog" button; input dates and destinations into a form; etc. 

Here's the key point, often misunderstood by designers: EVERY PIXEL on that page either attracts or distracts from the MDA. It either reinforces and supports the goal, or gets in the way.

3. What are the obstacles to the MDA? 

Let's say you want a friend to drive to your house for dinner tonight. What are some reasons they might not make it?

  1. You never invited them.
  2. You invited them, but didn't give them an address.
  3. You invited them but gave them confusing directions, so they didn't bother to try.
  4. You invited them but gave them confusing directions, so they tried but got lost and gave up.
  5. They have no means of transportation.
  6. They have a car, but it has no engine.
  7. They have a car, but the doors are welded shut.
  8. They have a car, but the dashboard is too confusing to follow.
  9. They don't like you.
  10. They don't know you well enough (maybe you met them today at a museum and they're worried that you're a psycho killer).
  11. They've received a better offer.

All these scenarios (and many more, believe me) correspond to analogous situations online.

So put yourself in your visitor's mind, and ask, "What's stopping me from doing this MDA?"

Is the dashboard of your website too confusing? Have you not made the navigation prominent or simple enough? Do they need a user's manual to use your site?

Have you asked them to take an action without introducing yourself properly? Is the action too risky to take on a stranger's web site?

Have you not answered their fears and doubts?

Have you built rapport by revealing something about yourself and your business, or are you marketing with a paper bag over your head?

You'll find a finite number of objections – generally no more than seven major ones – that you can address proactively to increase the effectiveness of any web page.

How To Operationalize the Three Questions 

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