Critique of a Really Good Landing Page

Most of the time, in individual consulting and free public "Scorch-fests," I generally look at landing pages that aren't working well. And I scorch them mercilessly, leaving behind a smoldering frame upon which to build something effective.

Fun, but incomplete. In order to teach effective landing page creation, I have to share positive examples, and not just the usual cautionary tales.

So I've decided to devote some of my teaching time to finding and sharing really good landing pages.

The Good Landing Page Swipe File

Because so few online marketers follow best practices, it's taking a while to build up a library of such pages. Most of them are going straight into the Swipe File of the Landing Page Clinic, for the benefit of my paying customers.

But from time to time I'll share a good role model with the world, for two reasons:

  1. I want you to know that I'm not always critical and persnickety.
  2. I want you to give the Landing Page Clinic a try, and I'm hoping that this tasty morsel of bait will lure you to the complete product (the Gingerbread House theory of marketing, although I promise not to put you in a birdcage or eat you once you've purchased).

Here's a link to my review of a Really Good Landing Page, complete with 35-second video demo of the page, detailed explanation of what I like (and a tiny critical section; I can't help myself ;), and some homework for you to try on your own.


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  1. #1 • Gemma Laming said on July 3 2011:

    Isn’t it more fun to share the good things? After all, everybody can join in the fun then. Seeing good copy makes my day, and given your prompting, I am making a collection – but it is hard going though.