A Conversation with a Direct Marketing Legend

Today I had a lovely chat with Drayton Bird, the legendary direct marketing copywriter and teacher.

Legendary, at least, to those of us direct marketing fanatics who would collect trading cards of folks like him ("I'll give you two Eugene Schwartzes and one John Caples for your David Ogilvy, Rosser Reeves, and Drayton Bird").

He's brilliant, charming, modest, and by his own admission, could listen to me blow smoke up his bum for hours (you are reading this, right, Drayton?)

Anyway, I interviewed him for just under an hour, and our talk ranged far and wide:

  •  recollections of his favorite sayings of David Ogilvy (like "You can't save souls in an empty church)
  • data showing that companies with the most MBAs on staff are the least profitable
  • data showing that in most Western countries, about 30-40% of workers fantasize about punching their co-workers (and you think you need to keep emotion out of B2B selling ;)
  • how to make package delivery into a sexy topic
  • the hero's journey
  • why you should travel to London at the end of October for the European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing Conference
  • Drayton and I having a polite disagreement over whether my wife is expecting a baby or not (I believe I won, but you'll have to be the judge of that)
  • how to "raise your game" mentally, and how to just beat yourself over the head needlessly

Here's the audio, you can click the arrow button to play, or right-click the download link to listen on your desktop, iPod, or Droid.

MP3 File

You really should attend the EADIM conference. Click my affiliate link to head over to the conference site and find out more. (Note: I will not be teaching there this year, as sad as that makes me, so if you see copy that says otherwise, it just hasn't been updated yet.)

Drayton is the real deal, and the time you'll spend in his care and under his guidance will pay off handsomely. If you have the time and can scrape together the funds, you can't afford to miss EADIM 2010.

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