The New “Google-Pleasing” Landing Page Strategy

The latest round of Google AdWords algorithm changes had me seriously questioning whether it was still possible to advertise eBooks and other information products. 

It seemed like Google was banning every site with a long-form sales letter than sold any kind of digital product.

And we've known for a while how much Google seems to hate sites with Weight Loss or Get Rich themes. 

So when Glenn Livingston told me he sells information in the Weight Loss market using AdWords, and has Quality Scores of 7-10 for his keywords, I had to know more.

This 76-minute webinar bares all. It's brilliant, and it's going to save more than a few online businesses whose value proposition is sharing information that's hard to find anywhere else. That makes me happy.

The audio quality of this webinar, through every fault of my own, sucks. That makes me unhappy.

But it's listenable, although you'll have to work pretty hard once Glenn starts talking. (If you can't make it out, complain in comments and I'll consider getting it transcribed.)

Two things before we get started:

1. Here's the PDF of the presentation. Print it out and have it in front of you during the webinar (4 pages, including cover).

2. If you want to learn more from Glenn – for free, in exchange for your email  address and permission for Glenn to follow up with you – and do it on my sneaky affiliate link, go to

And now, enjoy (and profit from) the New Landing Page Webinar:

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  1. #1 • ken weeks said on October 1 2010:

    really tough to hear – too bad would have been interesting

  2. #2 • jonathan said on October 1 2010:

    Huh? Whaddya say? Speak up! Hello?!

  3. #3 • Don said on October 2 2010:

    Howie's right. The audio, well, sucks.
    Initially I thought that I wouldn't be able to hear it. But then I put on my headset, turned the volume all the way up, and pressed the earphones close to my ears. It made a big difference and I could actually hear essentially everything with reasonable clarity. And I must say that it was worth it, even though it's a bit longer than "40 minutes". More like twice that. But it's packed with new, good, useful information.
    Thanks Howie and Glenn. You once again demonstrated why people listen to you and value your input.

  4. #4 • mike said on October 4 2010:

    Hi Howie,

    Glenn mentioned that it's now a Google policy to NOT harvest personal info in exchange for free goods…
    Please can you/he supply a link to the Google page where that's mentioned?

  5. #5 • jonathan said on October 5 2010:

    I still can't hear the audio clearly and I don't have headphones.
    My question is on the .PDF he mentions the subjects "Static Landing Page
    on Blog Domain" and "Blog Centered on Archery Target"
    Did he actually cover these topics in the call? From what I could discern (and there wasn't much) I didn't hear anything covering blogs. Thanks


  6. #6 • john said on October 7 2010:

    transcribed would be very, very helpful.  it would be very much appreciated… thank you

  7. #7 • Joe Coates said on October 11 2010:

    Thanks, Howie – this is great content.  I found it pretty easy to understand with a pair of ear buds and turning the volume up.
    You mention Glenn's methods are particularly well suited for info-products and markets Google is exceptionally cautious about – like weight loss. 
    Do you think these strategies will work just as well in business to business product/service sales?
    The overarching themes of creating a powerful resource, or "destination site" on the web, and following up with selling in an autoresponder sequence directed to a different domain sound like they would also fit the B2B world nicely. 
    Interested in your take on it.
    Thanks again for the killer content.

  8. #8 • Howie Jacobson said on October 12 2010:

    I’m glad you could hear it – and liked it!

    You’re absolutely right – this method is perfect for B2B. I focused on info-products and weight loss as a New York NY example. If it works there, it must work everywhere.

    The wild west of the internet is getting a new lawman, and the ultimate outcome will be both good and bad – less “freedom” but also less risk. If we can’t change it, at least we can figure out how to use it to our advantage.

  9. #9 • Gemma Laming said on July 28 2011:

    Well here we are nearly a year later – one suggestion if you have your computer hooked up to the stereo, put the treble high and the bass low.

    Now I am about to enjoy some music by the Roosvelt String Band. Only I can’t get their CDs anywhere. (I probably spelled it incorrectly, that’s why).