The People I Learn AdWords From…

… are joining forces to promote Perry Marshall’s Maui AdWords Summit.

Over the next few weeks, Perry will be sharing interviews with Shelley Ellis, who must be triplets because nobody is that busy or knows that much; Brad Geddes, the man whose brilliance caused my hand to cramp from taking notes when we shared the stage in Germany last year; Rob Sieracki, the COO / Mad Scientist of Rocket Clicks; and several others.

Shelley will be speaking tomorrow on:

– Retargeting tips for high conversions
– YouTube traffic beyond viral videos
– How to copy an Adwords campaign over to Bing quickly and easily

I find that the quality of the pre-event interviews are often correlated to the ticket price – the more they want you to pay for a seat, the more good stuff they have to deliver up front for free.

So if you want to attend a high level AdWords seminar for free, with Perry rolling the dice that at least a few people will be so impressed that they’ll take the Maui plunge, register here with my affiliate link:

If you end up buying the seminar on my affiliate link, I get a pretty decent referral fee. I’d promote Perry’s stuff anyway, both out of loyalty to him and because he’s a brilliant marketer and teacher and top-notch guy.

But a hefty affiliate commission just makes it that much sweeter to do the right thing ;)

So if you’re considering attending, let me know what kind of bonus you’d like if you sign up on my link and I’ll see what’s possible. (Can you tell that I’m not very accomplished at this JV stuff?)

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