Too good to keep to myself

I just interviewed Alex Baisley, creator of the Big Dream Program. Originally, this was to be a Ring of Fire exclusive, but I was so moved by Alex’s words that I decided to make a gift of this interview to the entire universe.

It’s all about living big, expressing our dreams, and losing the distinction between work and life so that we can turn our entire existence into a giant symphony of our true nature.

Not a keyword or ad group in sight… ;)

Right-click to download the mp3 here. It’s 88 minutes long, so probably best to download to an mp3 player and go for a long walk in a beautiful place.

You can visit Alex’s site at Look at the top navigation for the Calling Workshop. For the price of your name and email, you can watch it online.

And please posts your comments when you’ve finished listening. Let’s keep this conversation going.

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