Are these your biggest challenges too?

Having gone through a few hundred AdWords For Dummies survey results in the past two days, I’m reminded how difficult it is to get going online.

In this 8 minute video, I share your top challenges (see if they sound familiar to you) and humbly offer a path from overwhelm to peace and productivity.

Here’s the 90-minute audio download I mentioned in the video:

Right-click to download the mp3 here

And please join the conversation by leaving a comment below!


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  1. #1 • Joe C said on February 1 2011:

    Howie – get out of my head! Or if your going to muck around in there please tidy things up a bit. I wasn’t expecting guests and it’s a mess up there…
    This video certainly hit home with me. After chasing my tail in a learning but not doing mode for far too long I’ve settled on some realistic goals for 2011. Pick one project. Implement what I already own to build a focused sales process and keep testing on a small scale until it is profitable. Once I’ve gotten there, I’ll take some more deep breaths and choose the next step – instead of ramping up ambitious, grandiose plans that scare me into inaction and excusitis.
    Thanks again for your honest, realistic approach.

  2. #2 • Jude Anker said on February 1 2011:

    I continue to learn so much for you and I am thrilled to see the new invention of your business and marketing. You walk the talk. Great spin on the re-thinking of the 1,5,10 year plan. You made it fresh. Keep this up. I watch your progress and learn from the path you are charting for yourself, and kind enough to share with all of us.

  3. #3 • Ian Wall said on February 1 2011:

    Howie, for me there are 2 main issues. One is the product I have which is aimed at the health field. It is a constantly developing thing, getting better all the time. As a result I am having trouble knowing where and when to draw the line and go for it – not quite analysis paralysis, but a similar thing. The second issue is that I heard someone say that people of my generation (I’m 60) are called technology immigrants, whereas anyone under 25 is a technology native. There are many aspects of the technology “thing” which I just don’t gell with and find really clumsy. I am sure this could be overcome, however it presents a barrier of sorts. I think I need both a coach and maybe a technology partner as well. Thanks for your ongoing efforts and input.

  4. #4 • jeremy widdup said on February 1 2011:

    Very sensible, grounded advice – This post created much more rounded value than the other instant fix marketing video that sell on the basis of a formula.

    The way that anything works is only because that person has focused their niche over years and then could sustain this because they FIRST found out who they were….Hence others are unlikely to be able to easily reproduce what they have already done by following a To Do list.

    Tempting as it might at first sound to have found a hidden secret – the value is rarely in the process, but more in the entire map of the subject. Success for most comes as a result of learning their stuff over years and not by stumbling over a formula that cures all.

    Thanks Howie!

  5. #5 • HB said on February 2 2011:

    Hi Howie,

    Your thoughts on the video does make a lot of sense and I believe entrepreneurs who are trying to make a living out of the web are suffering from a massive dose of information overload! Since there is so much good and free information floating around of how you can boost your online sales by doing this or that or pulling a cat out of our hats, we are pushing ourselves too hard and trying to do it all withing a predefined timeframe and we kick ourselves if that doesn’t happen.

    Personally, I have resolved to focus on a few key areas of my work this year and move onto other projects when the previous ones are successfully done but I need to reign myself constantly not to become distracted with another online tool or utility, which is emotionally draining in itself.

    I guess we all need some sound help and advice which keeps us focussed, relaxed and satisfied with ourselves.

  6. #6 • Jack Cagg said on February 2 2011:

    Once again – Thanx Howie! You hit the bulls eye square on.
    The one particular I’d comment on is the “opportunity an hour”
    that would come to me via email – unsubscribed from about 98%
    of them and I’m still alive – amazing!
    What the “Deal A Day” guys don’t seem to factor in is personal,
    business, and life-in-general matters that do arise. Sick kids,
    flat tires, in-laws (and out-laws) sometimes can’t be ignored.
    What also can’t be ignored? YOU – you’ve got to take time for
    you and them or none of this is worthwhile.
    My wife and I brought up our children to understand that if you
    “do what you love and love what you do” everything else will fall
    into place. So far, so good – our children have grown to be
    well-adjusted, wonderful human beings.
    Now if we can just get Dad straightened out ……..

  7. #7 • Michael Brit said on February 5 2011:

    Very interesting post Howie. I think you hit it right on the mark that it is all about enjoying every day and not the end (dream) state.

    I started with your book a couple of years and ago and went on from there to many other sources but I do find that your insights are far superior to anything else out there.

    Thanks for continuing to share your wisdom!

  8. #8 • Gemma Laming said on July 27 2011:

    Lovely stuff, Howie. You are around the age of 50, aren’t you? Take a peek at the works of the Dutch writer Bernard Lievegoed. His book “Phases” will floor you. I guarantee. Simply written by an expert in the field (he was professor of Economics at the Erasmus in Rotterdam, Holland’s Harvard).

    I am quite the opposite to you; shy, introverted and my favourite past time is spending time with a good book. And of course my garden, but I digress. Doing the job that I do (did) which required me to pick up the phone and call people I had only contacted by email was something I truly did not like, and would put off until the very last moment, often days later. By which time of course, the job had already been booked in!

    I listened to a webinar by PM on the 15th of June, I know that because it was the first one I was invited to. That was my epiphany, my waking up moment. I realized that I could do it. In the six weeks since then, I have worked harder and more happily than in the previous six years. With ten percent of my website pages at Google #1 through no fault of my own, I realized that I was onto something!

    Oh, and I have my best mate and neighbour Carolien on board too, how can you beat that?