The Power of Being Foolish

In honor of April Fool’s Day, I made rather a serious video about the Fool archetype in business.

(Warning: during the course of the video, I display and describe a Tarot card. If you are offended by such representations, please do not watch.)

Please share your thoughts below.


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  1. #1 • Michael said on April 7 2011:

    Hi Howie,

    Love this…’truth to power’ is right on the nail in when in business. As an internet marketing consultant and trainer, I have lots of conversations with clients … they are the powerful and I feel I have ‘truths’ to tell them about Internet marketing – this can be tough. Your video has given me a couple of great ideas about how to deal with this so thanks

    PS Really appreciate your content…

  2. #2 • Torbjörn said on April 7 2011:

    Thanks for highlighting the connection business and human growth, great to touch the magic and depth of the fool..

  3. #3 • Nathan said on April 11 2011:

    Great video, Howie! You make some very real connections between foolishness and entrepreneurship.

    I’ve been working on my own for last the four years, and I have found that my craziest and most daring decisions are usually the best ones.


  4. #4 • Marco Delsalto said on April 12 2011:

    Thanks Bro, I really enjoyed the 3 aspects you shared on being a Fool archetype in business.